C.P.S. di Cesare & Luigi Guffanti s.n.c.

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C.P.S. was founded in Milan in 1978, quickly becoming the leading company in the distribution of sintered bronze and iron self-lubricating bushes and moulded commutators for electric motors.

With the opening in 1996 of the new headquarters in Gallarate and the introduction of new products such as plain bushings (CP / CPF / CPR), bushings with graphite inserts (BGL / BGV / BGA), gearmotors and filters, C.P.S. has definitively affirmed and consolidated its position on national and European markets.

Warehouse with immediate availability or planned according to the needs of our customers, constant technical / commercial support, high quality combined with competitive prices and daily order fulfillment, are the basis of our winning commercial strategy.

The ease of interchangeability of our products is also highlighted by the many sectors of use, among which we find:

  • automotive industry
  • portable machinery industry
  • household appliances and home accessories industry
  • manufacture of industrial and agricultural machinery
  • production of industrial pumps
  • production of medical equipment

C.P.S. is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company for the sale and wholesale distribution of sintered products, technical articles and equipment in general.


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